~There are so many different types of sausage (fresh sausage, pork sausage, flavored sausage, Belgian sausage, etc...) Here are four of the most popular types. Click to read more about each one!~
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Kaszanka (or kiszka) is a traditional blood sausage in Polish cuisine. It is made of a mixture of pig's blood, pig offal (commonly liver, lungs, skin, and fat), and buckwheat (sometimes barley or rice) kasza stuffed in a pig intestine. It is usually flavored with onion, black pepper, and marjoram.

The name kaszanka is derived from kasza (groats), one of the main ingredients, as the German name Grützwurst is derived from Grütze, with the same meaning. Kaszanka may be eaten cold, but traditionally it is either grilled or fried with some onions and then served with potato and sauerkraut.

How To Make Bratwurst Sausages - Video Recipe

How To Make Bratwurst Sausages - Video Recipe


Roast Chicken with Apple-Sausage Stuffing

This recipe is surprisingly easy and will impress all of your dinner guests. This recipe calls for pork sausage, but use whichever kind of sausage that you prefer. The sausage gives this dish a layer of depth and extra flavor. Click here for the recipe.

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    Favorite Kind of Sausage

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    What is your favorite kind of sausage? There are so many different kinds! Here are some of the main types:

    Cooked sausages are made with fresh meats, and then fully cooked. They are either eaten immediately after cooking or must be refrigerated. Exam…

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